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Our Vision

A space that will be a community magnet; engaging, enticing and enriching.

The core mission of our library has always been to educate people of all ages.  

Whether it's learning to read or learning how to use the latest technological devices; we are here to get you ready for kindergarten, college, or your next job.  If you want to start a business or learn new skills for a new hobby, the library has materials, programs and people to help you accomplish your educational goals throughout your entire lifetime.

A 21st Century library is about not only helping you to find and navigate the information world, but helping you to create your own content.

What will define this library are these three things: what the community wants, what the community needs, and a shared vision of our future.

A Construction Grant from the state, covering 40-50% of the costs, makes now the perfect time to pursue this project!

See the Project Timeline - View the related Reports and Minutes

Looking to the Future

Growing Minds

The library is an essential partner in early literacy.  An expanded facility allows us to have much more material for early readers, more materials to keep children and teens engaged in reading, and more material in various formats for all ages.

Lifelong Learning

We have a very active library.  Why is that?

We house expertise, materials and equipment in one convenient space.  Moreover, the act of learning is a social act, a collaborative exchange of ideas and information.  A new library will be especially useful to those with limited access to services and materials.

A Sense of Community

It will be reflective of how patrons use libraries today.  Designed for change, to adapt as technology and patron needs shift in the future.  


Our goal is that it should represent the vitality of the community it represents.  

Meeting Spaces

A 21st century library is about collaboration, conversations and learning.  The larger meeting spaces in our new library will help the community to be more social and engaged.

These spaces will also allow for more opportunities for educational and cultural events like musical performances, children's programming or special guest speakers.  Our residents can share, perform, create and display their works in a space with strong community support.

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Did you know? In a single year...

55,000+ patrons visit the library

Over 180,000 items circulate

6,000 patrons attend our children's programming


Over 2,000 attend Young Adult programming

Combined staff time spent with children - 110 hours per week

Meeting rooms are used over 450 times

Thousands of Books, DVDs, Music CDs, eBooks and other materials are added to the collection

Each service we offer is FREE!

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