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Grant Application Packet


Application for 2016-2017 MA Public Library Construction Program (38 pages)

Space Summary Spreadsheet

Space summary of estimated space needs with seating by type

Capacity Comparison Spreadsheet

Comparison of current holdings with design capacity

Cost Per Square Foot Spreadsheet

Square foot cost calculation

Funding Sources

Estimates for funding sources

School Committee Vote Transferring "slope"

Contained in minutes from December 8, 2016

Long Range Plan

Strategic plan for 2015-2020

Building Program

Details the community's future needs in a library; also contains photos of current library

Geotechnical Report

Site survey

Topographical Survey

Land survey map of the site

Slope Appraisal Report

Valuation of the site prepared by The FosterGrant Application Packet Company, Leominster, MA

Slope Boundary Lines

Survey map of the site

Detailed Cost Estimate

Cost estimate of the schematic design prepared by DG Jones International Inc

Cost Estimate (Eligible/Non-Eligible Project Costs Summary)

spreadsheet of eligible and non-eligible costs

Schematic Design

Exterior Photos

Upper Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan

Site Plan

LEED Score Card

Project scorecard for LEED certification

Parking Plan Approval

Approval by Planning Board on January 12, 2017

Photos of Existing Library and "Slope" site

Interior and exterior photos of current facility as well as photos of the proposed site

Massachusetts Historical Documentation

Documentation that no historical or archaeological properties are involved in this project

Certified Copy of Town Meeting Results

Results of Town Meeting Vote as certified by Town Clerk

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