Construction continues

In November, residents and patrons signed the final steel beam to be installed in the new Reuben Hoar Library Building. Currently the walls and roof are taking shape, and the upper floor concrete has been poured.

Opening is expected to be Summer/Fall 2021!

Join us in #BuildingCommunity01460:

Pledge now to fund one of our most inclusive community assets. With 250 homes willing to make this gift, together we can raise $250,000 or more to offset the taxpayer cost of a new library building. All contributors to RHL’s #BuildingCommunity01460 will be recognized in the new library building. Together we will build a new library that honors our past, serves our present, and builds a stronger future for our community.

150 households have pledged. Won't you?


The Library Trustees and Friends of the RHL are fundraising to offset the cost to the taxpayers of Littleton

5 Reasons to Build a New Littleton Library

Accessibility for Everyone

Everyone deserves equal access to the library. Although the library has made as many accommodations as possible, the size and layout of the building simply prevents truly equal access to all. 

Dedicated Young Adult area and increased Children's Room space

The new library will provide young adults with their own dedicated room to study and socialize in a safe environment. The expanded children's area will include a craft and storytime area to allow expansion of Children's programming.

Public Meeting Space

Additional public meeting spaces will provide the town with much-needed space for large and small groups.

LEED-certified green building

Building a green building is not just a good idea, it will save the town money on energy costs and qualify the project for additional grant funding.

Study and work spaces

The additional of quiet study and work spaces will benefit students as well as remote workers.

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For more information, contact the library at (978) 540-2600
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